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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  February 13, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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than here in america. >> tragedy for the infamous hartack grill -- the heart attack grill how this involves the unofficial spokesman. good morning washington" at 5:00 begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. i am scott thuman. it's february 13, wednesday. >> i am cynne simpson. good morning. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras, onstar mark emmert. >> you can still see some stars but the clouds are starting to move in. temperatures are not bad, 36 degrees at reagan national, 32 at dulles, 28 degrees in gaithersburg, 27 in frederick 31 in martinsburg. grab the umbrella, because you
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don't need it this morning, but you will need it before you get home this afternoon. cloudy skies expected throughout the day. you could see sprinkles this morning, but most of the rain will be early to mid afternoon. by this evening we will start to see a mix and a transition over to snow especially around 7:00 or so. the farther north or west, the more likely you are to see it sooner. little to no accumulation expected in d.c. you have to go up with allegationelevation to see a few inches. this will all end around midnight tonight. the rest of the week will be sunnier. we need to know what's happening on the road, jamee. >> it's pretty quiet for the early commuters especially when we don't have any snags. 270 looks good through germantown handed down to the beltway. all lanes open between frederick and the capital beltway.
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there was overnight construction on maryland 95 southbound near 198, that has been wrapped up. b-w parkway 295, in good shape to the beltway. overnight roadwork on 270, but that has been moved aside. lanes are open at the john hanson highway. off to a good start. back to you. >> thank you. we want to take you to home where pope benedict xvi is making his first public appearance since announcing his resignation. thousands of people are in attendance as he has just taken the microphone. he will maybe only make public appearances perhaps a couple more times before he'd resign officially on february 28. >> he underwent surgery recently
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to have the battery replaced in its pacemaker. he will live in a monastery near the vatican, but he will not have any duties related to the church. a live picture. another story we are following new details on a fatal fire in charles county, maryland. >> jummy olabanji has more on caps. >> we have new information, new video. charles county's fire chief confirms there was a body found inside the home after they put the fire out. this happened just after midnight in the 5300 block of stuckey rd. in indian head. it took firefighters an hour to battle the blaze. they had to fight it from the outside because of safety concerns inside. >> we had numerous companies from the area to respond. probably 50 firefighters are here. that was extinguished the blaze. it's one firefighter received
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burns to his right arm but was treated at the scene and is expected to be ok. the fire marshal is searching for caused to the fire. we don't know the identity of the victim. and information we get, we will let you know. back to you. >> thank you. the investigation continues into a fatal shooting in fort washington. police did find a coma in 8400 block of rose marie drive before 11:00 tuesday night -- police did find the victim. they have not said what led to it or if they have made any arrests. a former lapd officer accused of murder. search may be over. >> found charred human remains in a cabin where they had a shootout with christopher dorner. john gonzalez is in a satellite center. >> authorities believe he was hiding out in a rural cabin after hundreds of rounds of
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gunfire and after the structure became fully engulfed. \ detectives are wreaking on identifying the body found inside. it appears this morning that the 10-day murder spree is over. the investigation is centered around this burned out cabin in the mountains east of los angeles where we have learned that a charred body has been found. >> we believe someone was inside. we have reason to believe that is christopher dorner. >> authorities say that he held women hostage in a home and one of the victims was this person's wife. >> he tied them up after breaking in. as far as we know, they are fine. >> the rogue officer also contact a second vehicle and a ditched car after a police chase and took off on foot, which led to a shootout with police. a deputy was shot. the moments were caught on air. [the mill fgunfire]
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he is responsible for four debts after yesterday's shoot out. this was all in retaliation for being fired from the lapd his manifesto said there would be no negotiations. >> we will check back in again soon. president obama heads to north carolina today to push his proposals outlined in his state of the union address. his hourlong speech was dominated by domestic issues. the call for investments in infrastructure, energy, and education. he urged congress to fund job creation and increased the minimum wage. the call on congress to raise taxes on the wealthy. the president said it's time to fix immigration, address climate change and allow a vote on gun control measures. announced plans to bring home half of the u.s. troops from afghanistan within the next year. brianne carter will have much more from the state of the union address coming up in a few
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moments. coming up at 6:00, mike allen will join us here with his thoughts on the president's speech. >> the state of the union address was a hot topic on twitter tuesday 9. so was an unexpected moments during the republican response. >> there were about 9200 and tweets per minute after florida senator marco rubio took a sip of water near the end of his response. there are calling it water greagate. he later posted a photograph of his bottle of water on twitter. little jab and himself. prexy has a sense of humor. it's 36 degrees. >> still ahead considered the most overused and useless words in the english language. >> treasury secretary jack lew
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>> good morning, washington. we have a smile. we hope you're having a great day. it's not a bad start, but things will go downhill after the noon hour. it's 36 degrees at 5:10.
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winter weather revisory in west virginia and north western maryland for the potential of 4 inches of snow. we really need elevation with this system to really get anything to stimulate. d.c. area is out of luck. no accumulation expected. the rain will be steady year as we head into the afternoon. we will go to meteorologist adam caskey who is out in the elements. he has the weather but forecast and tonight's temperatures. >> right now temperatures in some spots have dropped a little below freezing. we are rounded and a little above freezing for the most part in bethesda, 35 degrees at the storm chaser. let's look at current conditions. 35 with no wind. there's really not a windchill factor. let looked at the rest of the region. widespread low to mid 30's.
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a few degrees below freezing in a few locations. there's a look at those temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. here's a look at your forecast. o wintry mix this afternoon starting as rain. then it's a mix especially northwest of rain this evening and into the early overnight. temperatures will drop down near the freezing mark tonight. more on the extended forecast coming up. brace for the cold this weekend. let's go to jamee. >> off to a quiet start. 395 off the beltway to the 14th street bridge, each direction lanes open. no problems on 66. checking out fine for everybody. greenway, the toll road, travel lanes open. maryland rockville 355 28, downtown rockville looking good. 270 out of germantown,
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travel lanes are open. b-w parkway and george washington parkway are open. back to you. >> thank you. 36 degrees. >> coming up, if you think smartphones are expensive enough get ready for $10,000 phone. >> there's a new top dog in town. which one wo
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and scott thuman. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> checking our top stories at 5:16. investigators looking for the gunman who shot and killed a person in fort washington late tuesday night in 8400 block of rose marie drive. police and not said who the victim is or what may have led to the shooting. investigators are trying to determine the charred remains found in the burned out mountain cabin, if they are those of christopher dorner, the former lapd officer accused of killing four people. he told himself up in the cabin and then killed a sheriff's deputy in a shootout before the cabin burned down. president obama will visit north carolina today to push for the agenda the airlines in his state of the union address. he used the hour-long speech to push congress to jump-start the
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economy. he also discuss immigration gun control, and other issues. >> president obama's treasury secretary nominee jack lew will appear before the senate finance committee today. republicans plan to ask him about his tenure as head of a citigroup investment units during the 2008 financial crisis. he's expected to be grilled about $940,000 bonus if he received during the crisis and its investment in the cayman islands fund. former nebraska senator chuck hagel's nomination to be defense secretary is in the hands of the full senate. the armed services committee narrowly approved the nomination on tuesday. the full senate could vote later this week. some fellow republicans may mount a filibuster because of concerns about statements he made about israel, iraq, nuclear weapons. america's new top dogs is banana joe. >> the 5-year-old pincer was the
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winner. he is scheduled to fly back to the netherlands today with his owner. he congratulations to him. >> looking good. hofstra university has its list of the 10 most overused and useless phrases in the english- language. is "at the end of the day." that's followed by "fairly unique." bent "i, personally." -- then "i personally." >> my husband is a rocket scientist, so he can use that one. >> perhaps it is rocket science
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in some cases. >> what is happening with the weather today? >> not bad to start, but you will need the umbrella this afternoon or before the kids get off the bus. that's when the rain will begin at midafternoon. if you still can see some stars at this hour, but the clouds are filling in. it will end up being a cloudy day. in west virginia, a little moisture is trying to get started, so we could get a couple sprinkles this morning. the main event happens by midafternoon and then continues into the evening. by overnight, it will be over. there's a weak system, fast- moving, that will have a huge impact on the metro area -- will not have a huge impact. we will have expemixed precipitation this evening. 5 inches of snow expected on the western slopes. 4, east of the shenandoah.
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we expect to see nothing in the metro area. maybe an inch in hagerstown and winchester. that if you get into a heavy band. futurecast has a pretty good handle on the timing and precipitation types. through this afternoon, you can see some snow beginning to develop in parts of the west. rain in the metro. we think the mix will begin around 7:00 this evening. blu-ray, winchester, a hagerstown snow. -- luray. it will take awhile for anything to stick on the streets. if it's just a half-inch, that will only be on the grassy areas. skies will be clearing overnight. we will see sunshine on thursday. in the meantime, at this hour, a humidity beginning to rise, 36 degrees for our temperature wind chill 32, 28 in
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gaithersburg, 28 degrees in hagerstown. the almanac for today, 46 and 30, are averages. we made it to 59 yesterday. cloudy skies today with rain mainly in the afternoon, 40-46 degrees. expecting a rain/snow mix this evening. little to no accumulation. 30-35 degrees. mostly sunny skies tomorrow. partly sunny on friday, 53 degrees. much cooler weather on the way. look at the weekend. fireplace fermion saturday night. >> no problems and around the beltway. virginia 95 looks good to the beltway, client out of dale city. there was overnight construction in each direction near quantico, but then has been wrapped up. out of stafford, lanes open. 395 and over the 14th street
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bridge and down, no problems. inbound pennsylvania avenue, suitland parkway, and the anacostia crossing, that's good. in bethesda, this stretch of the beltway is quiet. back to you. >> thank you. netflix and dreamworks are teaming up for new projects. >> we introduce you to the $10,000 smartphone. diana perez has more. >> a busy day for apple ceo tim cook. he sat near the first lady during the state of the union speech b. he told a san francisco conference that he felt bullish on innovation at apple. netflix is teaming up with dreamworks to create a children's series based on the upcoming film "turbo." it may soon be easier to learn how to snowboard. this is a hand brake that
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allows beginners to stop and slow down as needed. a luxury smartphone maker is offering a $10,000 smartphone covered in titanium and features a crystal safire display. no word on what sort of reception the an droid phone gets. those are your "tech bytes."
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>> officials investigating whether a club in temple hills should be closed after. a double after >> two women were stabbed outside the club early friday morning during a fight that started inside the club and spilled out into the parking lot. victims were treated at the hospital and released. two suspects at been charged. a 19-year-old of southeast d.c. and a 22-year-old of northeast two women.
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20 ash wednesday services are canceled at st. luke's after a crane tip over on the building. it fell after its hydraulics failed. the building may have structural damage. two crane operators suffered minor injuries. no one was inside the church -- no one inside the church was injured. members canada and services on riverside road at another church. it's 36 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. -members- may attend services on riverside road >> . and
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead hopeful
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optimism for investigators in california. tests will determine if charred remains found inside a burning cabin are those of this man, a former police officer wanted for several murders. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, february 13. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. great to have you along on this wednesday morning. storm watch coverage continues with meteorologist jacqui jeras. there is some snow in the forecast that affects our area. ms. mosley in the higher elevations. we will get some accumulations. maybe on the grassy areas in d.c., just a mix of snow. -- mostly in the grassy areas. it's 36 degrees currently at reagan national with a wind chill of 32 on this wednesday morning. high, thin clouds right now. they will pick up throughout the day. most of the rain will hold off until after noon.
5:32 am
we could get a few sprinkles this morning. 42 degrees at noon. a mix by 5:00 especially north and west of the metro. dcm will have to wait until 7:00 to see the snow. -- d.c. how are things on the roads jamee? >> there's been an incident on new york avenue in d.c., in mount. -- inbound. after west virginia/montana avenue, that's where the collision occurred. before you get to florida avenue is where this occurred. coming off the 14th street bridge and onto low or 14th street, southeast southwest freeway, checking out fine. route 7 in virginia near
5:33 am
sterling boulevard, there is lingering construction. back to you. >> thank you. we want to get to jummy olabanji to talk about some action overseas from some nato air strikes. deadly consequences. >> the air strike targeted two homes in eastern afghanistan. at least four senior taliban leaders were killed. afghan officials report that nine afghan civilians, including women and children, were also killed in the strike. there were likely in the home next door to where the insurgents were. this happened near the pakistani border. u.s. border officials in kabul are looking into reports of civilians being killed. back to you. >> thank you. another big story we are following. the manhunt for the former lapd officer accused of murder, it might be over. investigators found charred human remains inside a burning cabin in california where they had a shootout with christopher
5:34 am
dorner. john gonzalez is in a satellite center with the latest on this developing story. >> a spokesperson says star and human remains have been found in the cabin where the rogue officer was believed to be barricaded. it will be sometime before police can get a positive i.d., but there's reason to believe the manhunt is over this morning, which means if the then- day murder spree concludes with four people dead and the fugitives. comptroller christopher dorner delaware two women hostage in a home near big bear, california. one woman was able to break free and call police. authorities say that he also carjacked a second vehicle. after police chase, he did to the car and took off on foot, which led to a police shootout. two deputies were wounded and one of them killed. the former navy reservist launched a deadly campaign to exact revenge for being fired from the lapd, threatened to bring more fair to officers and their families, spreading fear
5:35 am
across the southwest. during yesterday's stage, an lapd commander said enough is enough. now it could be a conclusion that many expected. -- during yesterday's standoff. back to you. >> thank you. president obama heads to north carolina this morning to push proposals from his state of the union address. >> the address several issues last night including the economy, gun-control, just a few of them. let's check in with brianne carter on capitol hill with more. >> it was a speech many people crowded with been in this state and the union. now the president will devote to talk about many of the issues he spoke about last night including immigration, gun control, and the economy. in his first state of the union of his second term, president barack obama laid out his vision to move forward, highlighting its plans to grow the middle class. >> let's declare that in the
5:36 am
well this nation on earth no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty. clark president proposed raising minimum wage to $9. he urged congress to act to avoid cuts that could kick in march 1. >> let's set party interests aside and work to pass a budget that replaces reckless cuts with smart savings and wise investments in our future. it's one of the most dramatic moments came on the issue of gun control, speaking directly to congress. many members wearing green ribbons to honor the victims of the sandy hook elementary school. the president said to bring the issue to a vote. >> gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. the families of oak creek and tucson and blacksburg and countless other communities ripped open by gun violence deserve a simple vote. and that was an emotional time inside the chamber. now it's simms it may be very
5:37 am
tough to get any of this done here on capitol hill. it has been hard to get things done across the aisle in the past. as we heard in the gop response from senator marco rubio last night, he does not believe more government and more taxes is the answer. live on capitol hill, brianne carter. >> you might have noticed a rare look for vice president joe biden during the state of union. rimless glasses. he wore them earlier this week while speaking in philadelphia. it turns out that he scratched his eye on a contact lens, resulting in a blood shot eye. 5:37, 36 degrees. >> still ahead marketing american heart health a month.
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>> i am matt, alexandria. i would like to tell everybody -- >> good morning, washington. >> good morning, washington. good memories of national pancake day. comfort food is good when it's chilly out. clouds rolling in, and it will
5:41 am
end up being a cloudy day. the rain will arrive in the afternoon. claude skies today. you will need the umbrella this afternoon. not this morning. the rain will mix with snow by this evening. little to no accumulation in dcm the north and west might beget a little stimulation. -- little to no accumulation expected in dc. >> i love downtown bethesda. have a great run. always friendly folks in bethesda. not a bad day. i can see a few stars above but clouds are increasing quickly. let look at temperatures along bethesda avenue, 36 degrees at this time with no wind. maximum wind gust was four miles an hour. that's the best we could do. wind chills is not a factor this
5:42 am
morning. let's start with other area high temperatures. 31 degrees in germantown, 32 in silver spring, 34 waldorf, 35 in woodbrige. warrenton, just one degree above freezing at 33. a look at your forecast. some rain moving in for this afternoon. it will mix with a little snow this evening and into the nighttime. don't expect much if anything in terms of accumulation around the metro area. exception will be higher elevations out west along with frederick, hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester. you can see two inches from this. even more on the western facing slopes of the potomac highlands and allegheny front. not a big deal around town. mostly cold rain later this afternoon into the evening. benzol for the forecast. jamee? -- that's all for the commute.
5:43 am
>> marc rail, vre, on schedule. on new york avenue d.c. police tell me one lane is getting by with an incident involving a struck pedestrian. that's inbound new york avenue after the intersection of montana. coming offutt road island avenue through brentwood from ninth street or north capitol street, you are beyond the activity if you have to go inbound order for the third street tunnel. virginia 95, 395, no early problems. just volume. back to you. >> thank you. 5:43 of 36 degrees. >> more trouble for the controversial restaurant chain called the heart a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. >> it is a debate that has become more emotional.
5:47 am
parents concerned about the impact of guns now say it's time to ban even toy weapons in the home. other parents say it's ridiculous. as the gun todebate heats up on capitol hill, it is a hot debate in the playroom. tonight at 5:00. >> the official spokesperson for the heart attack grill. >> a 52-year-old named john suffered a heart attack last week while waiting at a bus stop in front of the diners. he was taken off life support on monday. he had a family history of heart disease. the restaurant has made headlines in the past for their huge hamburgers, milkshakes, and french fries cooked in large. two customers have suffered heart attacks at the business. >> observing american heart month, we bring you the story of a 33-year-old virginia woman with heart disease. >> her heart resembles one of a
5:48 am
person more than double her age. she does not let it get her down. jummy olabanji has the story. >> she has all of her desires, a loving husband, two beautiful children, and a successful career. but she also has something in her heart, a pacemaker keeping her alive. >> you never think of someone my age being in that condition, so i was blown away. >> her story started in december of 2010 after a sudden fainting spell. doctor told her it was probably stress. eventually things got worse. >> i started feeling tired nauseous, dizzying, at least once a month. and it went to a couple times a month. then it was once a week and then it was every day. >> after she almost passed out her husband broader to the hospital. she was given an ekg and results
5:49 am
showed she had a disease that disrupt the pumping of the heart. she went into surgery immediately and was giving a lifesaving pacemaker. >> i felt better the minute i wake t -- i woke up from surgery. i wish i had known the symptoms were more serious. i would've walked into my doctor's office and said something is not right. >> hard disease is the number- one killer of women, a group she's trying to reach. her employer, a jewelry company silpada is helping with the costs and allowing her to share her story on the job. they are donating a percentage of their heart-shaped jewelry sales to the american heart association, a blessing for daniela who says life is the
5:50 am
most precious gift. >> a beautiful family. >> talking sports for second, a rival regain tonight with north carolina visiting duke before the blue devils, to college park this weekend. >> here is tim brant with a look back at the capital's' a thriller from last night the. >> they played a wild and sometimes sloppy game against the capitals last night. less than six minutes to play. let me take you to south florida. mike green look out. the capitals coming back showing some life. two minutes to play. a powerplay. alex ovechkin with a shot and a goal. a miraculous comeback. the game was tied at 5. let's go to overtime. nicklas backstrom with a great pass on the break. pack your bags and start the
5:51 am
bus. the game is over. the capitals have won two road. a big-time win last night and it may be a season changer. have a great day, everybody. >> thanks so much. 5:51 is the time. royal reaction after shutterbugs' captured prince william and pregnant and showing kate on the beach. >> also coming up a 6:00, while -- why you're not alone if you feel you are barely getting by paycheck to paycheck. >> and was a child wrote after going on a family cruise ship. >> we have a live look outside rosslyn where you say things look very nice, a little present. >> exactly. >> but it's cooler than yesterday. >> this weekend we will see a big cooldown.
5:52 am
its national flirting week. how are you doing? [laughter] we will be flirting with snow tonight, but little to no accumulation expected. clouds moving in as we speak. and you can see some stars this morning, but that will come to an end shortly ask eyes become cloudy. assistance to our south will take its time moving in. i cannot rule out a sprinkle this morning, but the main show is the middle of the afternoon. we will see the transition until snow by this -- we will see a transition to snow by this evening. west virginia counties along with north western maryland under a winter weather and advisory. 4 inches possible in hampshire county and hearty county. you could pick up an inch in hagerstown and martinsburg and winchester. the rest of us will not amount to much. a lot of that has to do with the
5:53 am
temperature. even if we get snow falling in d.c., it will melt on the roads and maybe there will be a little on the grass. we think futurecast has a great handle on the timing by the afternoon, the mix. i think it will happen between 7:00 or 8:00 for the mixed precipitation. western counties getting the snowfall a little earlier. that's why they have a better chance of accumulation. it will be over by midnight. looking for a sunny thursday overall. not a travel forecast once we get through this evening. 36 degrees at this hour. wind chills of 32 degrees, wind out of the northeast and 5 miles an hour. in frederick, 27 degrees, 28 in hagerstown, 34 in manassas. 39 degrees in quantico. fredericksburg it was 59 degrees yesterday. not so great today, the average
5:54 am
high being 46 degrees. that's where we will see our high-temperature this afternoon. cloudy skies with rain today. 40-46 degrees. a rain/snow mix today, all snow by late this evening. 53 degrees on friday. breezy and cooler for the weekend ahead. jamee whitten. >> not far from our studio arlington working with a crash. we have delays on northbound 29, lee highway at fort myer drive, one lane is blocked. 270 once you get through that, urbana and hyattstown, we are good. new york avenue, accident in downtown new york avenue involving a pedestrian that was struck inbound after passing west virginia, montana, near kendall street. one lane getting by. rhode island is a good option to
5:55 am
get in through town. back to you. >> thank you. a question, your smartphone, click replace your best friend? >> disturbing but possible. if you're looking to book a flight anytime soon, be patient. the best days to book tickets may not be when you thought. let's get to linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york to answer your questions. >> lots of questions. let's begin with the markets. they rallied yesterday ahead of president obama's state of the union speech. stock-index futures are modestly higher so far this morning. we have a possible merger between u.s. airways and american airlines. we have been talking about this for quite some time. today the wall street journal says the boards of both carriers are lmeeting. looking to save money on plane tickets? a new survey says to buy them on
5:56 am
the weekend. researchers found tickets purchased on the weekend are generally 5% cheaper. some people may say they love their smartphone. but a new study shows people are treating their device like their best friend. americans admitted to a meeting every meal with their phone in hand and sleeping next to their phone. they're more likely to check for information on the internet off their phone than from their own parents. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. i love my smartphone, but not that much. >> i agree. >> i'm pretty close with my smartphone. thank you, linda. 5:56, 35 degrees. >> an update on the carnival cruise ship that has been stranded in the gulf of mexico. we will tell you when it
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>> the carnival cruise ship stranded in the gulf of mexico is expected to arrive in mobile alabama tomorrow. we have new pictures. it broke down sunday after an engine room fire. carnival says it is working hard to make sure passengers are as


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